Knight In-Demand


Between 1979 and 2016, Lonnie Knight performed on over fifty-eight albums for other artists, acting as producer or co-producer on eleven of those releases. He was sought after not only for his extraordinary acoustic and electric guitar work, but also for his added musical sweeteners on bass guitar, dobro, mandolin, percussion, and keyboards. In addition, he lent his vocal talents on duet tracks as well as background vocals.

  • Are you an artist on the list below who worked with Lonnie? If so, do you have any stories to share?
  • Are you an artist who worked with Lonnie, but your name and project is not on this list?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we’d love to hear from you! Please share your stories and/or comments below.

The Darker the Night, the Brighter the Stars James Loney & Lolo’s Ghost2016
One of a Kind Michael McElrath2015
There Are No Secrets in This Town David Hanners2013
Blue Companion Madeleine Hart2012
Painting the Scene Marshall Hjerstad2012
Crooked Door Tim Fast2012
Don’t Stand Still Larry Long2011
Tempered Steel Larry Suess2010
Live in Columbus Danny Beirne2010
The Traveler’s Burden David Hanners2010
Stag Cotillion Roger Johnson2009
Sugar Babe Fred Grittner2007
Here We Go Again Billey R Rubble2007
ElijahElijah Blue2003
It Ain’t Over Calvin James2003
I Should Have Left Yesterday Jack Weston2003
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained Barbara With2003
Carry This Tune Brian Peterson2003
Look Up to the Sky Brian Peterson2001
When It’s Your Turn Brian Peterson1998
Stranger To My Kin Neal and Leandra1998
To Follow Missy Lillie1997
True HeartMadeleine Hart1996
Water Kim  Klauder1996
Poets and Prophets Everroad1996
Lose the Blues Everroad1995
You Can Change the Ending Kim  Klauder1994
Accidental Dreams Neal and Leandra1996
Hearts & Hammers Neal and Leandra1994
The Life Collection Susan Ann1994
Old Love Neal and Leandra1992
Madeleine Hart – Self TitledMadeleine Hart1990
Vocals Prudence Johnson1987
Prisoner of the Heart Mary Jane Alm1985
DJ SmallDJ Small1981
Love the Wind in My Hair Paula Dee1979
Flim & the BBsFlim & the BBs1978
Red Gallagher with Friends Red Gallagher1978
I Love My Life Jim Post1978
Sharing God’s Gifts Robert Shultz1978
Devil Take My Shiny Coins Dick Pinney1977
Olympus 1 Herb Pilhofer1976
Heart TravelsMark Gaddis1976
Carousel ManMark Gaddis1976
Still Looking For the Cure Bill Camplin1976
Wake Up Suddenly Lydell1976
Bible Folk Dick Wilson1976
Thistledew Fredy Argir1974
Bonnie KolocBonnie Koloc1973
Mojo Workin’ Mojo Buford1969

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  1. We weren’t kidding about loving to hear from you if your name and project is not on the list above. The list reflects the information I’ve been able to gather since Lonnie died and I suspect it’s not at all complete. Thanks in advance for sharing your information – or that of other artists’ projects on which you believe Lonnie worked.


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