Lonnie’s guitars were an extension of himself. He owned several acoustic and electric models throughout his career.

Gibson Dove (circa 1960s)
Harmony Folk Guitar (1960s, Lonnie’s 1st guitar)
Ibanez Bubinga Artcore Series AG-85-TRD-12-B  
James Goodall Concert Jumbo WCJC3137
Martin D-41 (1970)
Paul Beard Goldtone Resonator/sign series
Tom Husting Custom Acousttic
Travel Guitar
Yamaha CG-100A
Gibson 335
Epiphone ES-175  
Fender American Stratocaster 
Fender Strat-Tele Hybrid
Fender Synth Guitar
Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 
Nelson Precision Bass (Fender clone)
Paul Reed Smith
Rickenbacker 12 string
Rickenbacker 6 string
Vox Teardrop 12 string
Yamaha Silent Guitar
1959 Gibson Les Paul Special
Godin LGS-XA

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