Album Credits

Recorded at: Lee Bradley Studio and Mosquito Shoals
Engineered by: Brad Stoeckel and Lonnie Knight
Album design and photography: Lonnie Knight
Profile Photograph: Jimmy Allen
Produced by: Lonnie Knight with inavluable objectivity from Scott Alarik, Fredy Argir, Susan Feehan, Bill Hammond, Madeleine Hart, Norm Siegel, Paul Strickland

Music Credits

Lonnie Knight: Acoustic & electric guitars, dobro, bass, harmonica, snare & kick drum, Roland VG-88, box, Claves, thumps, knees, vocals
Reid Papke: Bass
Michi Regier: Violin
Richard Grossman: Percussion
Susan Feehan: Vocals
Debbie Sorenson-Boeh: Violin
Scott Snasby: Frottoir (washboard), congas, Hi-Hat
Rahjta Ren: Keys
Michael McElrath: Organ

©2010 Lonnie Knight Productions

NOTE: Below are lyrics for Lonnie’s original songs along with any available session charts.


Come down to see me when I’m old and gray

Come down to see me and I’ll sing for you

That’s the only joy I have that time can’t take away

The song the word the day and a broken wing


Melodies of life I’ve tuned to simple chords

I am pagan in tomorrow’s eyes

I am moved by promises of sad rewards

And sheltered ‘neath the touch of a broken wing


Broken wing I call to you

Fall to you fly

Broken heart I’ll sing for you

Bring you to life

And shelter from the night


I will fly among the stars on trails of light

I will leave a message in my wake

I will ply my silver oars through wounded nights

And dance behind a bird with a broken wing


I will love and hate and not apologize

I will let the rainbow wear my shoes

I will welcome death when life is realized

And dance behind a bird with a broken wing


©2010 Lonnie Knight Songs

The ring stands empty the hour is late

The bell has tolled the final round

The crowd has hit the gate

In the stench of beer, the cigar smoke

The trainer shakes his head

And as the blood begins to pale the canvas tells the tale

Of a hero for sale


Just a poor boy in a poor town with a muscle in your arm

Friday nights you watch the fights all day you work the farm

Now that punch could take you out of here

To riches and to fame

And so you sign the dotted line put on that suit of mail

You become a hero for sale


At first you wanted anything then you wanted more

Then you wanted everything that you never had before

You gave it on the cheap for a promise that was never gonna

Lead you to the grail the truth is hard as nails

When you're a hero for sale


The purse is never much the towns all look the same

The brawlers all have hungry eyes you can't recall their names

But each one brings a leather fist a killer shot

And it's too late to pack it in and bail

You've been swallowed by the whale

You're just a hero for sale


Lift a glass to Patterson a toast to Cassius Clay

There'll be no songs for you no victor's wreath today

When they tear the tape off, your hands begin to swell

And you can barely hold the wheel for another drive to hell

To the next stop on the circuit

For a hero for sale


©2010 Lonnie Knight Songs

The first time I saw Miss Claudia

I was a young man looking for a thrill

She was as lovely as the day was long

And I was drunker than a hundred dollar bill

I was light on my feet she was soft and sweet

It must be something she said

Took a hold of my head

Miss Claudia what's a boy to do

Miss Claudia I fell in love with you


The next time I saw Miss Claudia

I was older but not too smart

It must be something I said she came up side of my head

With a left hook straight to my heart

I was light on my feet but I was easily beat

It took her just one look she read me like a book

Miss Claudia now what's a boy to do

Miss Claudia you know that I'm still in love with you


My words cut like a switchblade knife

She drifted right out of this poor boy's life

She left me standing with my head in my hands

And my heart at my feet I fell down hard

I took myself around the world

I never knew that I was looking for that same sweet girl

Before I ever got started my trip was complete

Right back in my own front yard


Well I think I'll go and see Miss Claudia

And I won't be that fool again

She's gonna sashay in a little saint a little sin

And this is how the story ought to end

With a lover's reunion a kiss 'neath the moon

We’ll be light on our feet dancing down the street

Miss Claudia now what's a boy to do

Miss Claudia you know that I’ve got my eyes on you

Miss Claudia baby I’m still in love with you

I‘m in love with you

I’ve got my eyes on you


©2010 Lonnie Knight Songs

I've got my bottom line I've got my mouths to feed

I've got my stockholders we've got our own needs

I don't do well with dreamers I don't like mystery

I deal in real estate and not ancient history


Look at this parcel here remember I'm the owner

Sure we had a lovely time but it was just a loaner

It's an eyesore in this modern age hell I’m trying to be lenient

But your ghosts and all your memories are truly inconvenient


You're a lovely bunch of kids and I'm sure you're well intentioned

But my paperwork's in order all my permits and exemptions

You think you have a valid stand our study team refutes it

We've run it up the flagpole here no one on our side salutes it


Don't get us wrong we loved those actors all dressed up in their frills

But we've got art to push and cars to park and that takes dollar bills

And this land is not your land that was a different Guthrie

Progress is the issue here and babe that's how it must be


Ah you're blowin' in the wind we're getting tired of your claims

We've heard enough of Tyrone and that Tanya what’s her name

Yes the famous folks have played here yes the joint was all the rage

Let's be forward thinking people lock the door and turn the page


We'll take photographs of everything we'll preserve the day

We've listened to your pleas now if you'll kindly go away

The implosion will be grand if we offend we beg your pardon

But we'll invite you all for tea and wine in the sculpture garden


I've got my bottom line we've got our minds made up

Let's toast our heritage let's use a brand new cup

This is America the land of opportunity

Just remember where you’re living in this disposable community


©2010 Lonnie Knight Songs BMI

I came back as fast as I could you know

They said you lost your mind you know

They said for all your vision you'd gone blind

Now I see you tear the wrinkles from your forehead

And lay them on the bed

And I guess I know what you mean

But I can't remember what you said


This broken old guitar you had

You laid it in my hands and said

Go and play it for the children play it 'til you're dead

But you know they never listened to your song

And it's been so goddamn long

And it's getting hard to swallow

That we could have been so wrong


So we sit down to the table

With your fingers in the gravy

And I wonder what it was that came

And made us both so lazy

And that winter wind that gave me wings to roam

Has froze you to the bone

But can't you raise your weary head

One more time

And tell me welcome home


©2010 Lonnie Knight Songs

Have a drink with me Suzy the night has just begun

Life is just a dance with simple moves put on your high heel shoes

We’ll turn all night beneath the moon and kiss the mornin’ sun


Have a drink with me Suzy winter’s comin’ on

There’s far too many yesterdays to number they haunt me in my slumber

When evening comes too early and it’s further to the dawn

Burns away the promises we dream


On and on I’m reachin’ for the answers

Little shadow dancers for a soul I can’t redeem


Have a drink with me Suzy we’ll turn the clamor down

There’s too many fools in this life with their mouths open wide

And their hands out and they’re grabbin’ and their permanent frowns


Have a drink with me Suzy we’ll drink to kingdom come

We’ll march that final mile side by side with our sins and our pride

You’ll be Tweedle Dee and I’ll be Tweedle Dum

Too dumb to know which way to turn


On and on I’m reachin’ for the answers

Little shadow dancers for a lesson we can’t learn


Have a drink with me Suzy the walls are closin’ in

Ah don’t ask me how I feel it’s a secret and I ain’t squealin’

Hey honestly I don’t know where to begin


Have a drink with me Suzy this night is fadin’ fast

And when it’s all been said and done

We’ll blow the stars out one by one

And try to keep this moment safe ‘cause nothin’ ever lasts

©2010 Lonnie Knight Songs BMI

Once I was mistaken for my father’s eldest boy

With a bottle of whiskey in my mouth and a mainline kind of joy

I can still hear him screamin’ out the back door

Kid you’re a shiftless son of a gun

He might have been right but he never realized

I was having me some fun


Kicked out of the homestead I had no place left to turn

With an appetite as big as the night

A dollar and a half to burn

I was caught between my wildest dreams and what’s left of reality

Everybody standin’ in line shakin’ their heads at me


Just let me walk on through

Just let me walk on through


They nailed me out in the alley the last time I was passin’ by

With a heavy hand of kindness and a jingle in their eye

They robbed me of my innocence my culture and my bread

They got my buck and a half but at least they left my head


Spanish wine Tex Mex tequila and things I shouldn’t have known

Cast before my open eyes like a hound dog’s favorite bone

You only get one chance to do your dance when you’re walkin’ on the wire

Pour on the gas honey strike out the fire


Just let me walk on through

Just let me walk on through walk on


Here I am again lord at the bottom of the stairs

Facin’ down tomorrow with a bull whip and a chair

Is it any wonder why I’m startin’ not to care

Walkin’ blindfolded in the lion’s lair


Just let me walk on through

Just let me walk on through

Honey won’t you let me walk on through

Just let me walk on through


©2010 Lonnie Knight Songs

It was a hot summer night in the gravel pit

The water threw back the stars

We jumped feet first and the silence split

Into a thousand chaotic shards

And the ripples would run to the echoing sound

Of shrieking boys who could not drown

All those fires were burning too hard to trample down


Mama said boys are the devilish kind

Stay away baby girl run and hide

As she grows there are schemes and big city dreams

But her heart won’t believe mama lied

Just one kiss in the still of the night

Underneath the lamp post washed in the light

This can’t be all wrong but it can’t be alright

So she jumps


Little wars fought in the darkness of hearts

That yearn for the touch of control

Surrounded by mortals and pulled by the flesh

And angels that speak to the soul

Is she waiting to fly is she waiting to fall

Is she listening to God or her own conscience call

She can’t take that photograph down from her wall

So she jumps


Now he sits at the right hand of no one

His minions are ragged and wild

Peace on his lips blood on his hands

It’s a legacy left for the child


He gambled the world for his father’s soul

Now the snake eats its tail the juggernaut rolls

And an eye peers back through the Judas hole

And he jumps


And she jumps

And we jump


©2010 Lonnie Knight Songs

You’ve got voodoo in your heart

A madman at your door

And you got a take on black and white

With colors I ain’t never seen before

Tell me who’s in charge of your brain

When it’s all said and done we all end up here

Standin’ around in the rain


Some of us take a Buick six

Some of run some of us crawl

Some of us take an aeroplane

Some of us don’t ever go at all

But the song remains the same

When it’s all said and done we all end up here

Standin’ around in the rain


There’s no time to look behind you when you ride the cannon ball

They’re sneakin’ up the back Jack waitin’ for the fall

You punched your way through night and day for your fifteen of fame

Now the loudest cheer of all is when you’re comin’ down in flames


Well it’s always been ashes to ashes

It’s always been dust to dust

Ain’t no use in makin’ a scene

There ain’t no need for raisin’ a fuss


No matter how tightly you grip the wheel

You’re bound to slip and slide

If you don’t think you can do it

Well it might just be because you never tried

And your friends already know your name

When it’s all said and done we all end up here

Standin’ around in the rain

When it’s all said and done we all end up here

Loosin’ our shoes in the rain

When it’s all said and done we all end up here

Turnin’ to slugs in the rain

In the rain standin’ around in the rain


©2010 Lonnie Knight Songs BMI