This rare, 33 tracks vinyl recording was originally produced at Sound 80 Studios for Electronsonic Studio, copy written by the University of Wisconsin Extension division.

Album Credits

Recorded at: Sound 80 Studios
Engineered by: Tom Voegeli
Mastered by: Lacquer Cut
Album design: Howard S. Austin
Produced by: Don Voegeli
Sleeve Notes: Lonnie Knight, Don Voegeli
Pressed by: Wakefield Manufacturing

Music Credits

Lonnie Knight: Acoustic and electric guitar, dulcimer, mandolin, and harmonica



We think Instant Music – Vol. 7 speaks for itself. So does the performing artist, Lonnie Knight.

I began playing guitar and singing in high school and have been a professional performer since 1966. Worked in local rock bands until 1970 when I began performing as a soloist. In the last few years I have toured in Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and other eastern states and virtually all of the Midwest, playing colleges and clubs. Currently I divide my time between performing in a trio and working extensively as guitarist at Sound 80, doing album work, performing on and occasionally writing commercials, and drinking the coffee as fast as it can be made.

I play acoustic and electric guitar, dulcimer, mandolin, fretless electric bass and harmonica. My voice can best be described as a high whiskey baritone, though I can sing most tenor things with a strong wind at my back, or if I am in extreme pain. I smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, worry constantly, own 3000 T shirts, and I am not rich.

I have written several hundred songs – folk, rock and country – some of which are excellent, some of which are great charcoal briquette starters. In addition to music, I am an avid amateur photographer, fresh water aquarist and collector of matchbook covers (if you have run across any from restaurants or night clubs in your area, please send them to me – they need to have matches in them). I like Mexican cooking, Jack Daniels on the rocks and my favorite colors are flat black, Spanish oak and abalone.

All of the above can be verified.

– Lonnie Knight