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The Cast (in order of initial appearance)
Lonnie Knight: Vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, dobro, bass, harmonica, percussion • Reid Papke: Bass • Michi Regier: Violin
Susan Feehan: Vocal • Deb Sorenson-Boeh: Violin • Rahjta Ren: Keyboards • Michael McElrath: Organ • Scott Sansby: Frottoir, congas, hi-hat
  • Broken Wing (Knight)
    Ernest Hemingway said "The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places."
  • Hero For Sale (Knight)
    I was driving home from a gig one night and the words "the ring stands empty, the hour is late" slipped into my head.
  • Miss Claudia (Knight)
    Here's a new arrangement with Shoes survivor Reid Papke on bass, me on acoustic guitar and this wonderful little wooden toy snare drum I found in an antique shop in northern Wisconsin.
  • Conversation With a Wrecking Ball (Knight)
    Don't misunderstand, I love the new Guthrie Theater. But it disturbs me that we are so often content to throw our past away.
  • Homecoming (Knight)
    This new arrangement is dedicated to the West Bank, where so many of us found our musical selves... and in particular to Steve Alarik, who never understood the hero he was.
  • Love in the Family (Neal Hagberg)
    I played on Neal & Leandra's records in the 90's, and this song has drifted in and out of my repertoire ever since. Susan Feehan contributed some lovely harmony. For my brother...
  • Have a Drink With Me, Suzy (Knight)
    "Don't ask me how I'm feeling, it's a secret and I ain't squealing," said Tweedle-dum to Tweedle-Dee.
  • Walk On Through (Knight)
    This one's for Deb Sorenson-Boeh, Michael McElrath, and JazzyJ Phil Hendricks... with the prayer that they walk on through.
  • So We Jumped (Knight)
    So We Jumped ... nah, I'll ruin it if I try to explain it. Thank you, Rahjta, for understanding exactly what this song was musically looking for, and for so perfectly capturing it.
  • Across the Fire (Tierney Kathleen)
    I was asked to offer some constructive criticism as Tierney Kathleen was mixing her new album. I got sidetracked when I heard Across the Fire.
  • In the Rain (Knight)
    When it's all said and done we all end up here... carving our initials in the bark of a tree that will last a whole lot longer than we will.
  • Galileo (Madeleine Hart)
    Too late to tell you face to face, Dad, but I know you can hear this. Galileo is for you.
Recorded at LeeBradley Studio and Mosquito Shoals • Mastered at Mosquito Shoals
© 2010 by Lonnie Knight - A Mosquito Shoals - Red Sofa Production
Release date: September 2010