Released 2001


This was the last "electric" album. The band, Big Shoes, consisted of Lonnie on guitar and vocals, Reid papke on bass, Marc Bohn on drums and Scott Greenwood on keys. The CD was recorded at Two Fish Studios in Mankato MN, produced by Wes Schuck and Lonnie, engineered by Luke Harper.

In addition to the band members, a veritable plethora of friends stopped by to add to the tracks:

Dale Haefner - piano / Bill Steiner - harp / Tim Wick - Hammond / Chuck Love - Hammond / Billy Barber - piano. Backup vocals by the band with Zeeth Klugherz, Chuck Love, Dave Pengra, Bill Steiner, Ron Arsenault and Andra Suchy.
The set list includes a number of Lonnie's originals, along with Blues Attack from old friend Bruce McCabe of the Hoopsnakes and Jonny Lang fame, Jeremy Radjenovich's King of the Jungle and I Thought We Said Good-bye, Tim Matson's Frigidaire Woman, Sweet Little Mystery from John Martyn, Chuck Love's Just Keeps Goin' On, and the Michael Johnson-Jack Sundrud classic, Cain's Blood.



$14.00 +s&h
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