Blurbs & Bytes

Sometimes, an artist manages to take all the good things he’s done in his career – every lesson he’s learned, every good lick he’s been inspired to play, every emotion he’s had – and distills them into something that surpasses all he has done before. That’s where Lonnie is at with his latest CD “So We Jump.” Lonnie has always been a class act, but this record puts him at a whole new level. Song selection is perfect, Lonnie is playing and singing at the top of his game (and he gets great performances from his fellow players and singers) and the production is, quite simply, a master class in How to Make a Great Record. This one is memorable. This one is a record people will be talking about.
David Hanners - Pulitzer Prize winning writer - St. Paul MN

You did it right - so many folks overproduce, fill in every gap of silence with filler, and end up with a CD that no longer resembles the live heart and soul performance. This preserves what you do for all ages, just like we hear it now live. And Reid Papke – jeez, how does he just know exactly what should be where on bass to make the dance floor for the rest of it to twirl on... good stuff.
Ken Duvio - Musician - Minneapolis MN

The acoustic guitar resonates with me more than any instrument and no one plays it better than Lonnie. He is one of those prodigies who talent is only overshadowed by his humility. Lonnie has performed and headlined in some of the areas eminent bands and has been a top session player for as long as there has been a music scene in the Twin Cities. I don’t know anyone who isn’t is awe of his guitar playing. His songwriting is incomparable with interplay (no pun) between melodic instrumental lines and pure lyrical poetry. He’s a master.
Madeleine Hart - Musician - St. Paul MN